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June is Men’s Health Month: Help Your Father Stay Fit

As the summer begins and Father’s Day approaches, you are most likely in search of the right gift to bring a smile to your Dad’s face. Instead of shopping online or running to the mall looking for a gift, focus on Dad’s physical health this year. During Men’s Health Month this June, we aim to bring awareness on ways to improve and lengthen the lives of men by focusing on their:

  • Physical Health

  • Heart Health

  • Healthy Eating Habits

As you thank Dad for his investment in your life, take the extra step to bless him with access to medical advice for his long-term physical health!

Fit Fathers

Physical health impacts every aspect of your body, integral to the functionality of every organ. It's never too late to improve your health and day-to-day routine. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, moderate-intensity aerobic activity is recommended for 30 minutes a day or five times per week for 150 minutes every week to meet your health goals. Along with regular muscle exercise, you will be well on your way to a healthy, happy life full of physical activity that you enjoy.

Aerobic Activities to Stay Fit

  • Brisk walk

  • Running

  • Jogging

  • Swimming

  • Exercise bike

  • Elliptical use

  • Biking outdoors

Muscle Strengthening Activities for Your Father

  • Push-ups

  • Sit-ups

  • Planks

  • Chest Press

  • Shoulder Press

  • Bicep Curls

Don’t be alarmed if you experience soreness and strain after implementing regular exercise into your schule; it is normal to feel your body adjusting to your new routine. Be sure to have Dad talk to your Health On South Rx Pharmacist to get personalized OTC and supplement recommendations. Your Health On South Rx Pharmacist can recommend products to help Dad:

  • Recover faster from his workouts

  • Deal with muscle cramps

  • Get adequate rest in-between visits to the gym

  • Maximize his exercise potential

To assist Dad throughout his fitness journey, help him book a Fitness OTC & Supplement Consultation with Health On South Rx today!

Men Have Hearts Too

Cardiovascular/Heart disease is common in men and you can help prevent your Dad from health complications. This condition can affect how blood flows through the body. Proper blood flow carries oxygen to the body and carries away waste. Heart disease can lead to issues with blood vessels, blood clots, or even the heart itself. While this can sound scary at first, a Heart Health conversation with your Health On South Rx Pharmacist can help prevent your Dad from disease and heart concerns. If Dad takes any blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, or high cholesterol medications, he should take advantage of this exceptional offer. Heart Health consultations always keep you informed and up-to-date on your current health. There are several OTC items at your pharmacy that can help Dad’s heart health which include:

Before using supplements, Dad should always consult with his healthcare provider for professional recommendations. During your next visit to Health On South Rx, Dad can book a Heart Health Conversation to discuss his heart meds and any other questions he might have about living a long and healthy life.

Healthy Meal Choices for Dad

Dad’s diet plays the biggest role for his overall health and wellness. Food is fuel for the body, and some foods are better than others. Dad should still enjoy his favorite foods but also incorporate healthy choices for a well-balanced diet. When Dad eats right, he enjoys:

  • Optimized heart health

  • Improved cholesterol control

  • Increased exercise endurance

  • Better sleep

Your Health On South Rx Pharmacist can help make sure Dad is eating to improve his health and wellness. A Healthy Plate Consultation will help Dad:

  • Make better food choices

  • Plan healthy meals for the family

  • Learn what foods are best to prevent heart disease

  • Be aware of what foods can affect cholesterol levels

To celebrate Father’s Day this year, invest in your Dad and his quality of life with a professional health consultation!

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