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A little girl, 9 years old, wraps her hands delicately against her knee, which is clearly scrapped and bleeding.

Compounded Medications for Anti-Infective Wound & Skin Treatments

Health on South Rx offers customized topical wound care treatment options to help deal with various skin infections. A topical application for skin treatments allows for dose maximization at the application site. Our topical wound care preparations help create an ideal environment that keeps bacteria out while promoting wound healing.


Talk to our pharmacists about anti-infective options utilizing Bassa-gel as a base for treating infections. This gel is specially formulated to deliver antibacterial and antifungal medications topically. In addition, since it is water-based, you can easily wash it off with water, making wound care more convenient for patients and caregivers.

Compounded Solutions for Nail Infections

Want to get rid of toenail infections instead of constantly hiding your feet? Infections in your nailbeds can be fungal in nature. Often, they can also be caused by bacteria or even a combination of fungi and bacteria. We offer treatment options to cover a wide range of infections. Our topical toenail infection treatments are formulated to be applied directly to the areas of concern. We use ingredients to ensure the medication penetrates through your nail bed and work on getting rid of the infection.

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