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Nurse helping patient put away their medication.

Try Our Med Synchronization Program at Health on South Rx

At Health on South Rx, we care about our customers’ health and that’s why we created our med synchronization program, also called med sync. This service helps synchronize your prescriptions so you can pick up your medicine on a single day every month.

What is Med Sync, or Medication Synchronization?

The med sync program at Health on South Rx will help align your prescription pick-ups so you can swing by on a single day and pick up all your medications. When you call ahead to order medications, we put them all together in one package so you can get what you need in one stop.

Our goal is to simplify your life and enhance your health! We can set up a prescription refills schedule so that you can pick up your medicine on the same day of every month. Or, if your schedule is so busy that you can’t find the time to stop by – don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our pharmacy delivery services. You will never have to miss a single dose with our medication synchronization program. Reach out to our pharmacy team and learn more about our med sync services or sign up today. 

Med Sync & Autofill

Don’t reach into your cabinet only to come up with empty medicine bottles. When you take advantage of our FREE med sync and autofill programs you can enjoy:

  • Having all your prescriptions ready at the same time each month

  • Automated refill monitoring

  • Less trips to the pharmacy

  • Reaching into your medicine cabinet and finding exactly what you need

Let us worry about your medication refills so you can focus on what really matters in life. Call us at 215-496-9595 to get started with our Health on South Rx pharmacy services.

Calendar date for medicine therapy with different pills.
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