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Maintain healthy blood pressure and support optimal blood flow with Thorne sustained-release L-arginine*

L-Arginine – Sustained Release supports blood flow to the extremities to benefit heart health, exercise capacity, wound healing, and sexual wellness.*

Thorne L-Arginine - Sustained Release 120ct

SKU: SA525
  • L-Arginine - Sustained Release (formerly Perfusia-SR) Details


    L-arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid, meaning that while your body can make it, it becomes necessary to get it in through diet or supplementation under certain circumstances or for certain physical conditions. L-arginine, like other amino acids, is a building block of protein, which helps to promote muscle and tissue healing, helps to support a healthy immune system, and benefits cellular metabolism.*


    One of L-arginine’s unique functions is that it is necessary for the production of nitric oxide.* Nitric oxide is essential to the regulation of blood flow in the body.* By supporting nitic oxide levels, L-arginine can support cardiovascular health, benefit healthy blood pressure, and optimize blood flow to the extremities.*


    Thorne’s L-Arginine – Sustained Release combines L-arginine with our Time-Sorb® complex to help maintain an optimal levels of L-arginine over 24 hours with suggested use.*


    Benefits of L-Arginine – Sustained Release

    • Helps maintain normal blood pressure and benefits vascular elasticity*
    • Supports a healthy heart and vascular system*
    • Helps promote wound healing after injury or trauma*
    • Supports blood flow to the extremities to increase work capacity during exercise*
    • Benefits the occurrence and maintenance of erections during intimacy*


    Who can benefit

    • Individuals who want to maintain healthy blood pressure and support cardiovascular health*
    • Athletes wanting enhanced blood flow to increase work capacity during exercise*
    • Individuals desiring increased blood flow to the extremities*
    • A person needing support for wound healing* 
    • Individuals who want to support sexual wellness*


    Key Features of L-Arginine – Sustained Release 

    • Single active ingredient formula for ease of personalized health plans
    • Sustained release formula to maintain optimal levels over time when used as suggested*
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